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YUAR music – is a collaboration of two musicians, composers and producers Yury Poisik and Arina Popova. Yury and Arina have been working together for solid long time now, and they duly match the name “Specialist in All Styles”. The YUAR music style features first of all vivid, bright, and melodic music, catching every ear and employs the wide range of genres. Their works have been used in films, TV shows, documentaries, TV and web commercials, they have recorded several studio albums with different bands and have been on air on Russian, Israeli and European radio stations.


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 Teatimonials: In case of YUAR I received full support and encouragement starting from the very first time we met till we finished working together.I sing in Japanese so I was really amazed how fast these guys got my ideas for the track and sensed my musical tastes and preferences, not to mention that they were able to feel the Japanese language and make a track that would suit it perfectly. It’s a kind of rare example of extreme professionalism mixed with a very friendly attitude. I am very thankful for their help and truly appreciate the result!

Pasha Star, singer

I was very glad to make the acquaintance of wonderful musicians from YUAR band! Their creative works won my heart and inspired me to collaborate with them. Now they are my teachers, my friends and my congenial souls. I hope I will continue realizing my creative plans with YUAR. I wish them every success!

Maria Yakushanskaya, singer

Yuar Music are true big time professionals. I collaborate with them constantly creating various TV shows on Russian TV (“TNT” channel, “Friday” channel). They deliver unique combination of speed, and quality for quite reasonable prices!

Andrey Guryev,
chief editor and creative producer.

I’m a TV producer, and I want to thank Yury and Arina for their high quality work and fast production when writing music for my projects – “Shchit i mech”, “Comedy Battle”, “Zhivye”(“Alive”) and many more! All the projects have been and are broadcasted on national television in Russia. These guys write masterpieces in one night!
Nikita Chistnikov,
TV producer


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